How To Get A Massage Therapist License

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How To Get A Massage Therapist License
How To Get A Massage Therapist License

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Becoming a professional massage therapist is not easy. It's not enough to read a few books on massage and practice on your own household. But, since this profession has recently been quite in demand, the flow of those wishing to become a certified specialist does not diminish. True, many never reach licensing, limiting themselves to the usual courses, since its procedure is quite lengthy and takes a lot of effort.

How to get a massage therapist license
How to get a massage therapist license


Step 1

The main thing that you need is secondary or higher medical education in the specialty "nursing", "general medicine" or "obstetrics". Without it, you will simply not be given a state certificate, even if you have completed the courses. Secondary or higher professional education in physical culture is also allowed.

Step 2

Must have completed government massage courses. Commercial are allowed provided that they have a license and state accreditation or an agreement with state courses on the issuance of certificates. Courses that do not require medical education do not give the right to practice massage professionally. In addition to all this, after receiving a state certificate, every 5 years you will have to undergo an advanced training procedure.

Step 3

If you have a certificate of massage specialist and a diploma of medical education, you can get a license to provide medical services - medical massage refers to them. The types of massages related to domestic services do not require a license - massage of the face and neck, hands, carried out in beauty salons and hairdressing salons in a complex of caring procedures. If you position your services as wellness, a license is required.

Step 4

In order for your organization (or you, as an individual entrepreneur) to obtain a license to provide medical massage, you will need the whole complex of constituent and registration documents, the conclusion of the sanitary and epidemiological supervision on the compliance of works with sanitary rules, documents confirming the qualifications of employees and managers. You will also need a lease agreement or a document confirming the ownership of the premises, an expert opinion from health services, as well as documents confirming the availability and serviceability of equipment and tools. Do not forget to pay the state fee. A detailed list of documents can be obtained from the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development, which is the licensing authority.

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