How To Calculate Recycling

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How To Calculate Recycling
How To Calculate Recycling

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Overwork is considered to be time in excess of the established norm of working time. Recycling is determined depending on the established working hours and the wage system. To calculate recycling, do the following:

How to calculate recycling
How to calculate recycling

It is necessary

time sheet


Step 1

Calculate your working hours. For example, with a five-day work week, the daily work shift is 8 hours, and a week - 40 hours. For the convenience of counting, a production calendar is developed annually. In the reference search engine Consultant Plus (in the section "reference information") there are production calendars for the period from 1993 to 2011. For some categories, a reduction in working hours has been established. For example, for workers with harmful and dangerous working conditions - no more than 36 hours per week. This means that the work shift is on average 7 hours 15 minutes, that is, after this time, overwork is taken into account.

Step 2

Record the actual number of overtime hours worked accurately on the timesheet. The timekeeper notes the working hours of each employee on a daily basis.

Step 3

Calculate the overtime hours in excess of the normal work shift for each day.

Step 4

Summarize the hours worked in excess of the current month. This is required for payroll calculation. The law does not contain restrictions on processing in one month. There is a ban on exceeding 120 overtime hours per year and four hours on two consecutive days. Engaging an employee in overtime work outside the established prohibitions is a violation for which administrative responsibility is provided.

Step 5

With the summarized accounting of working time:

- determine the normal number of working hours in the accounting period (month, quarter);

- subtract the rate from the actual hours worked, thereby you will get hours


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