How To Find A Job With A Free Schedule

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How To Find A Job With A Free Schedule
How To Find A Job With A Free Schedule

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Quite often in life there are situations when office work with a fixed salary and with no less fixed time of presence at the workplace becomes impossible or undesirable for many reasons. In this case, the optimal solution may be to work with a free schedule that does not require a call-to-call presence in the office. However, in order to find a truly suitable activity and not lose in income, you will have to work hard.

How to find a job with a free schedule
How to find a job with a free schedule


Step 1

When starting your search for a job with a free schedule, first of all, determine for yourself what exactly you want to get in the end. It is best to write down your wishes on paper. This will streamline your thoughts and get a clearer idea of ​​what you really need. Be sure to clarify: whether you need a job with a free schedule or just a flexible one, what is the minimum amount of income you intend to receive per month, in what field of activity and what exactly you plan to do.

Step 2

Re-read the resulting list of requirements and think about how your desires are adequate to the existing situation on the labor market, whether there is a practice of free work of such specialists or you will have to slightly change the type of activity. Currently, advertising and insurance agents, accountants and lawyers providing private services, people of creative professions and freelancers, that is, specialists who work remotely and on one-time orders, usually work within the framework of a free schedule. Think about which category of professionals you can fit into.

Step 3

Having decided on the field and type of activity, proceed to direct job searches. If you plan to work offline for any of the existing companies, start your search by examining the available vacancies. Such advertisements can be found either on job search sites (,,, с, or in newspapers such as Iz Ruk v Ruki or Jobs for You. Keep in mind that, as a rule, each region has its own specialized publications and local sites for finding a job.

Step 4

In addition to studying existing job offers, also post your resume on as many Internet portals as possible. This will increase your chances of finding a suitable job faster. You can also advertise in the relevant newspapers. Please note that if it is a free schedule that is important to you, you should definitely emphasize this point in your resume.

Step 5

At an interview with a potential employer, once again focus on the issue of the work schedule, make sure that the future manager agrees to this type of cooperation. Discuss the scope of the proposed work, terms of execution and the amount of remuneration separately. Check the frequency of contacts with the manager and the form of your communication. And if you did everything right, you can count on your free-schedule work to be no less successful than the traditional office work.

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