How To Amend The Bonus Regulation

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How To Amend The Bonus Regulation
How To Amend The Bonus Regulation

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The bonus regulation is an internal normative act of the enterprise, which is drawn up jointly with an independent trade union organization or other representative bodies that protect and represent the interests of workers (Article 135 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation). Any change to the document must be formalized taking into account the views of these organizations.

How to amend the bonus regulations
How to amend the bonus regulations

It is necessary

  • - minutes of the meeting;
  • - notification to employees;
  • - supplementary agreement;
  • - order;
  • - regulations on bonuses;
  • - notification to the accounting department.


Step 1

To change any item in the internal regulation on bonuses to employees, convene an unscheduled meeting of the administration and members of the trade union organization. If your enterprise does not have a primary or independent trade union, the interests of workers can be represented by foremen, supervisors or foremen of the shop, senior departments, etc.

Step 2

Record the entire course of the meeting in minutes. Describe in detail, point by point, all the changes in the provision on bonuses, indicate the number of votes who voted for the changes. An increase or decrease in the premium can be carried out only if the majority voted for the changes.

Step 3

Any incentive payments, including bonuses, are indicated not only in the internal regulations of the enterprise, but also in the employment contract of each employee. Therefore, the changes concern not only the provision on bonuses, but also the clause of the employment contract.

Step 4

To amend the employment contract, notify each employee two months in advance. Upon the expiration of this period, conclude an additional agreement to the employment contract, indicating in it all changes in the payment of bonuses (Article 57 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation).

Step 5

Issue an order, familiarize each employee with it against receipt.

Step 6

Draw up a new internal statutory act on bonuses, read it out to all employees. In the order, you must make a reference not only to additional agreements, but also to a change in the provision on bonuses.

Step 7

If the changes are made temporarily, please note it in the supplementary agreements and the bonus clause.

Step 8

Most often, changing the current legal documents is a temporary forced measure. If so, please indicate the duration of the restrictions on premium payments. If you plan to change the incentive payment system permanently, then the time frame can be omitted, which would mean an indefinite change. But at the same time, it is imperative to enter the date from which these changes take effect, and submit a notification to the accounting department about the changes in payroll.

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