How To Write A Letter To Colleagues

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How To Write A Letter To Colleagues
How To Write A Letter To Colleagues

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If you want to send a letter not to one person, but to several members of your work team, the content of the letter should be slightly different from the usual one. Also, remember to follow the rules of business correspondence.

How to write a letter to colleagues
How to write a letter to colleagues


Step 1

Make a list of colleagues you want to include in your mailing list. Check if all addressees are relevant to the current issue. Conversely, you can skip a person who should be informed about something with his letter. Study the circle of stakeholders. Decide which co-worker you will put in the “Addressee” field and who in the “Cc” field. Usually, the direct executors are written in the “Addressee” column, and those who control the process or participate in it indirectly, as well as are simply an interested employee, in the “Copy” field.

Step 2

Think about how to organize the recipient names. It will be much easier for you if your company has specific established rules in this regard. Otherwise, their order can be determined in different ways. For example, put their last names in alphabetical order. The principle of seniority can be used. Better to find some letter from the secretary addressed to several recipients and see how he does it. Most likely, this is the unspoken standard of your company.

Step 3

Indicate the subject of the message. It should briefly reflect its content. After that, go to the body of the letter. Follow the rules of business correspondence. Say hello to the team politely and move on to the topic.

Step 4

Write only to the point. Do not miss important details, but also do not dilute the "water". Appreciate your colleagues' time. If, in order to better understand the essence of your message, you need to be aware of other correspondence, place quotes at the bottom of the letter. Don't forget to say goodbye and wish everyone a productive day at work.

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