Where Does The Law On Drinking Alcohol Apply?

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Where Does The Law On Drinking Alcohol Apply?
Where Does The Law On Drinking Alcohol Apply?
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Under alcoholic drinks everyone understands something of their own. For some, alcohol is a strong drink, such as brandy or vodka. For others, alcohol is considered a cocktail or beer. At the same time, the legislation gives a very clear definition of what belongs to the category of intoxicating. And it introduces restrictions on the use of drinks of this kind in public places.

Where does the law on drinking alcohol apply?
Where does the law on drinking alcohol apply?

Drinking alcoholic beverages means taking one or another product containing ethyl alcohol in different proportions. Alcohol is divided into strong and light. Strong drinks include those types of drinks that have a large number of degrees. The lungs include beer and various factory cocktails. In any case, strict control has been established for any alcohol and legislation in the field of circulation of such products is applied.

Drinking is understood as single or mass consumption of products that contain alcohol.

The Law on the Sale and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages regulates the rules of trade and defines the places where you can or cannot drink alcohol.

Where you can't drink alcohol

The Law on Drinking Alcohol contains an article from the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, which provides for disciplinary liability, up to and including dismissal, for drinking alcohol in the workplace. Coming to work drunk is equally discouraged.

The exception is those cases when alcohol is displayed with the permission of the management, for example, at a corporate banquet. Again, it’s better not to get too carried away. After all, cases of dismissal of many employees after are not uncommon.

Drinking alcoholic beverages is prohibited in places such as playgrounds, school grounds and kindergartens, as well as sports schools. Moreover, not only drinking drinks in these places, but also being drunk on them, falls under administrative responsibility. Moreover, it should be understood that the fine for such an offense can be up to 1,500 rubles. or even be replaced by 15 days of arrest.

In addition, you can not drink beer, cocktails, or anything stronger on the territory of medical institutions, in public transport, in crowded places, in parks, squares and streets, as well as in museums, galleries and concert halls.

No excuses, like “I covered it with a bag and I can't see anything, we sit in a cultured way and don't bother anyone,” and so on. won't work. Violators will definitely be subject to administrative punishment. Moreover, it should be borne in mind that the law applies to minors. However, in this situation, the penalty will be imposed on their parents.

What measures are being taken to combat drunkenness

One of the measures, which is designed to reduce the amount of alcohol consumed, has become a rather controversial restriction on sales. Now alcohol of any kind (even weak) cannot be bought from 21-23 to 8 in the morning. Each region sets the first digit independently. For example, alcohol sales in Moscow, incl. and beer stops at 11 pm, and in the Moscow region - at 9.

In addition, in some regions there are restrictions on the sale of alcohol on days such as the Day of the last school bell, September 1st, and Youth Day. And it doesn't matter whether it is a low-alcohol drink or not.

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