How To Create A Caregiver Portfolio

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How To Create A Caregiver Portfolio
How To Create A Caregiver Portfolio

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A preschool institution is, first of all, the teachers working in it. The portfolio is one of the technologies for the professional development of kindergarten teachers, contributing to the emergence of the ability to analyze information and planning their own activities aimed at increasing the level of professionalism.

How to create a caregiver portfolio
How to create a caregiver portfolio

It is necessary

  • - employment history;
  • - diploma;
  • - sanitary book;
  • - medical certificate of health status;
  • - certificates and certificates of professional development, passing foreign language courses;
  • - photos.


Step 1

Creating a teacher's portfolio helps to awaken the teacher's interest in their own activities, allows you to see changes in work, to establish a connection between "previous" and "new" knowledge. Get a nice tough folder and put the necessary documents in it. University diploma (or a certified copy). Most often, employers require highly skilled workers with higher education. It can be not only pedagogical, but also psychological, focused on developmental psychology.

Step 2

Certificate or certificate of completion of foreign language courses. Place a copy of this document in a folder if you have one, of course.

Step 3

A medical certificate from a therapist about your health condition. This document is required when applying for a job in government agencies. When applying for a job in private kindergartens, you will also be asked for a document confirming that you are absolutely healthy, because you will be working with children.

Step 4

Sanitary book with marks from a gynecologist, venereologist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, dentist, the results of urine, blood, feces and bacterial cultures for the presence of intestinal infectious diseases.

Step 5

Passport. Make a photocopy of your passport (first, second page and registration), attach it to a shared folder. You may also need copies of passports or birth certificates of your own children. Employers tend to hire teachers with children.

Step 6

Certificates from advanced training courses, documents on music education will also not be superfluous. This will only increase your chances of getting a job in kindergarten.

Step 7

An important point in creating a portfolio of an educator is the presence of positive feedback from previous jobs. All recommendations must be supported by contact numbers of previous employers. This is necessary in order to contact them if necessary.

Step 8

Put in a folder scientific papers, articles, abstracts, the results of your own research on the topics and problems of your activity. Place each document in a separate file and then put it in a folder. It will be much more convenient and pleasant for an employer to hold neatly folded, arranged documents than a scattering of separate, crumpled sheets of paper.

Step 9

You can also add photos with pupils and other materials to the teacher's portfolio, but this already depends on its type (portfolio of achievements, thematic, reflective, presentation, methodological).

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