How To Work As A Contract Lawyer

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How To Work As A Contract Lawyer
How To Work As A Contract Lawyer

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The most common specialization of a lawyer in an organization is work in the field of contract law. Almost every lawyer who does not work in a consulting organization is directly confronted with checking a counterparty, drafting (negotiating) an agreement and monitoring its execution. In this regard, in an accessible form, we will offer a certain algorithm for the work of a lawyer in the field of contract law.

How to work as a contract lawyer
How to work as a contract lawyer


Step 1

First, before the conclusion of the contract, when receiving information about the need to conclude an agreement from the immediate manager or other employees of the organization, it is necessary to find out as much information as possible about the counterparty. To do this, we request copies of constituent and other legal documents from the counterparty, we study the counterparty on the websites of the tax service, a filing cabinet of arbitration cases, the bailiff service, or we use the services of a specialized web service to check counterparties, for example, "Kontur-Focus".

Step 2

Secondly, we comprehensively study the current legislation, jurisprudence and doctrine in relation to the subject of the contract being developed (being negotiated). Based on the information received, we develop a draft agreement or edit the text of the agreement received from the counterparty. Then we will necessarily agree on the draft agreement with its curator (usually a manager), engineering and technical personnel (when working in production), chief accountant (economist, financier), supplement the draft agreement with comments and suggestions received from the above-named persons and submit it for signature the head of the organization.

Step 3

Thirdly, we monitor the execution of the contract by directly interacting with the counterparty's lawyer. If necessary, we initiate (agree on) amendments or additions to the contract. When executing the contract, we pay special attention to the incoming claims of the counterparties, trying not to bring the case to court.

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