Where To Go In Case Of Violation Of Labor Laws

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Where To Go In Case Of Violation Of Labor Laws
Where To Go In Case Of Violation Of Labor Laws

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The relationship between an employee and an employer is governed by labor law. Therefore, in case of violation of these norms, you should use all the methods of protecting your rights provided for in the law.

Where to go in case of violation of labor laws
Where to go in case of violation of labor laws


Step 1

The very first step in violation of labor legislation should be a written appeal to the State Labor Inspectorate in its constituent entity of the Russian Federation. This body exists under the Federal Service for Labor and Employment and is responsible for monitoring compliance with the rules and regulations arising from the emergence of labor relations. Applications have approved forms, which, when completed, can be given either directly to the inspection department, or sent by e-mail.

Step 2

The application will be considered by one of the inspectors, after which the organization suspected of violating labor laws will be put on a queue for verification and identification of the facts of infringement of the rights of workers. If such are found, the inspector will issue an order to eliminate violations, and may also force the employer to be punished in accordance with the Code of Administrative Offenses (CAO).

Step 3

In the event that contacting the labor inspectorate does not lead to some kind of retaliatory action, it is worth contacting the regional office of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation directly. An application can be accepted from a citizen of the Russian Federation who has reached the age of 18. It is considered in one month, then information on the application can be sent to the appropriate authorities, which can solve problems with violation of labor laws.

Step 4

If, in the context of violation of labor legislation, the employer uses illegal labor, uses slave labor or forces employees to illegal activities, then the employees have the right to contact the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the prosecutor's office at the location of the enterprise. After the application of workers is considered, an inspection can be authorized with the participation of both law enforcement agencies and the labor inspectorate. It is quite possible that after such a check, a criminal case will be opened.

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