How To Initiate A Criminal Case

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How To Initiate A Criminal Case
How To Initiate A Criminal Case

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What if you were suddenly beaten, your wallet was stolen, you were attacked by robbers, your car was stolen? The answer is unequivocal: in all these and other similar cases, you need to immediately call the police, call its employees to the scene of the incident, write a statement about the initiation of a criminal case against certain persons, most often unidentified, and wait for a better future.

Alas, but you were attacked by a thief
Alas, but you were attacked by a thief

It is necessary

Telephone to call the police department


Step 1

Write a free-form statement addressed to the head of the police department stating that a crime has been committed against you, in which be sure to demand that the perpetrator or perpetrators be brought to justice. Alternatively, fill out the template provided by the police officer. By the way, this document with an indication of all the details of the event remaining in your memory and will accept the criminals, as well as with a request to initiate a criminal case against them, you have the right to file not only yourself as a victim; your legal representative also has the right to do so. Any person who accidentally witnessed an offense can do this.

Step 2

Give your application to the officer on duty of the police department, who is obliged to register it in a special register and assign an account number - KUSP. Take a document from the person on duty indicating who exactly accepted your application, what date and what time, as well as the KUSP number and the telephone number of the employee (investigator) to whom your application will be sent.

Step 3

Be sure to wait for an answer. Keep in mind that a decision on a statement or report on a committed crime is made within three days. Or, if there are serious grounds for an extension, within ten days. It can be one of three, but it is mandatory in the form of a resolution of the relevant official:

• to initiate criminal proceedings;

• refuse to initiate a criminal case;

• transfer a statement or message according to jurisdiction or jurisdiction.

Step 4

If you did not receive an answer within the time limit established by law, then feel free to go to the chief of police or the prosecutor and again complain in writing about his negligent employee.

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