How To Get A Certificate Of No Criminal Record

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How To Get A Certificate Of No Criminal Record
How To Get A Certificate Of No Criminal Record

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A criminal record may be required when applying for a job, obtaining a residence permit, a weapon permit, or when adopting children. The Ministry of Internal Affairs is responsible for its issuance.

no criminal record
no criminal record

It is necessary

  • - passport and copies of all completed pages;
  • - scanned passport;
  • - an application for the provision of a certificate of the presence (absence) of a criminal record.


Step 1

A certificate of no criminal record can be obtained personally from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, or you can order it via the Internet thanks to the state service portal. Obviously, the second method is more convenient and allows you to order the required document without leaving your home.

Step 2

Contact the Ministry of Internal Affairs of your place of residence with a corresponding statement. It must contain your full name, address of residence, date and place of birth, citizenship. If necessary, indicate the regions of the Russian Federation in which you previously lived. The certificate must be provided within 30 days after submitting the application. It is issued to citizens of the Russian Federation free of charge.

Step 3

If you prefer the option of transmitting the application via the Internet, then you need to have registration on the State Service portal. Go to your account on the website and select the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Electronic Services section. You will see a list of public services that the department provides. Among them, find the item "Issuance of certificates of the presence (absence) of a criminal record."

Step 4

In the window that opens, reference information about the service will be presented. After reading it, press the blue button "Get a service".

Step 5

You will be taken to filling out the application. Select the desired option in the sections the role of the applicant (personally, guardian, proxy) and the method of receiving an answer (in person at the IC / GIAC or at the Ministry of Internal Affairs). Next, fill in the proposed fields in the questionnaire (some of them will be filled in automatically based on information from your personal account). Among them are personal data, contact information, passport and registration data. You will also need to attach a scan of your passport. This file can be in.jpg,.pdf or.rar formats, no more than 300 Kb in size.

Step 6

After processing the application, a notification of the readiness of the certificate should come to the specified e-mail or SMS. The letter will contain the address and time to receive it. You must have a passport with you.

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