What Are The Benefits Of A Disabled Child

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What Are The Benefits Of A Disabled Child
What Are The Benefits Of A Disabled Child

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Only a medical and social examination (MSE) can recognize a person as a disabled person. According to its results, a person can be assigned one of three disability groups.

What are the benefits for a disabled person from childhood?
What are the benefits for a disabled person from childhood?

If an adult partially or completely loses his ability to work at any age, he is recognized as a disabled person. Children can be so immediately after the appropriate diagnosis is established. We can talk about birth or intrauterine trauma. As a result, there may be a need for constant treatment and care.

After the disease is recorded by a neurologist, the child is assigned a disability for a period of two years. After this period, the disabled person is subject to re-examination. If, once again, the manifestation of the syndromes does not subside, the disability is formalized indefinitely. There is no disability group for children. It is reserved only for adults. The indications by which a person is recognized as disabled are established by the Ministry of Health.

The pension for persons with disabilities since childhood is equal to the minimum old-age pension. Children under 16 years old receive a supplement in the amount of half the amount. In addition to material benefits, people with disabilities from childhood have a number of benefits.

Childhood Disability Benefits

Disabled children have a large list of benefits. They can:

- up to 16 years of age to purchase medicines for free, as well as handrails, wheelchairs and other means of rehabilitation;

- as a matter of priority, to be provided with places in kindergartens, medical and preventive and health institutions;

- ride free of charge on all types of public transport, except for taxis (for children with visual impairments, without two limbs or with their paralysis);

- receive a seasonal discount on the price of a ticket for travel by rail, water, intercity road transport;

- to issue vouchers for spa treatment free of charge;

- be provided with a 50% discount on travel to the place of such treatment (disabled children from 3 to 16 years old inclusive and their accompanying persons, who may be one of the parents, guardian, curator).

Since February 2013, payments to parents of disabled children under 18 have increased. Decree No. 175 "On monthly payments to persons caring for children with disabilities and invalids from childhood of I group", their amount increased by 4, 5 times. Non-working parents of children with disabilities can count on this money. Moreover, at any age.

What you need to get a monthly cash payment (MAP):

Accruals are made based on the data available in the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. Therefore, those who had the appropriate status before 2013 do not need to submit any new documents there. For everyone else, you need to collect the following documents:

- passport, birth certificate or residence permit in the Russian Federation of the person to whom the payment is due;

- an extract from the certificate of inspection in the GSME;

- passport of the person caring for the disabled person, birth or adoption certificate;

- certificates of housing authorities;

- documents from the departments of the Federal Migration Service;

- personal statement.

Of course, you need to bring both copies of documents and originals for verification. If some documents are not enough, specialists must still accept the existing ones. After that, you need to collect the missing ones. From the first day of the month in which the appeal was received, the amount will be charged. For this, it is important to make sure that when the documents are received, the date of their submission is indicated. The disability payment is monthly added to the existing pension.

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