How To Calculate A Driver's Salary

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How To Calculate A Driver's Salary
How To Calculate A Driver's Salary

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Any business is somehow connected with cargo transportation. Delivery of products to the company's warehouse, delivery of goods to customers, and exit trade are the most common jobs where driver's work is used. And in each of these options there are different approaches to the need to calculate the driver's salary.

How to calculate a driver's salary
How to calculate a driver's salary


Step 1

As a rule, if a company has its own drivers, drawn up under labor contracts, then their remuneration is based on common practice: salary, the possibility of bonuses, sick leave and vacation payments, and the issuance of accountable money for fuel and lubricants. Obviously, if the work is done in bad faith, the practice is too expensive. Therefore, many companies are switching to what is commonly called outsourcing in business. To put it simply, they hire drivers with their own cars.

Step 2

There are three most common ways to calculate the salary of a hired driver:

• By mileage;

• By time;

• Fixed rate. Mileage - the indicator to which payment is tied most often. Each kilometer of the route traveled is multiplied by a fixed rate, for example, by 10 rubles. The result is the sum of one trip.

Step 3

In other situations, it is more convenient to calculate the driver's salary based on the hours worked. This method is convenient for a small mileage. It is often used for transportation within one city or region. Every hour of time worked is also multiplied by a flat rate.

Step 4

In the case when the routes have been developed for a long time, the drivers work in good faith and are not interested in stretching the travel time, they resort to setting fixed rates for the full route. This way of calculating the driver's salary is like working for a salary. At the same time, as a rule, uniform prices are determined on the basis of the two approaches described above. Also, fixed prices are used in international cargo transportation by hired cars.

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