How To Write An Enterprise Resume

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How To Write An Enterprise Resume
How To Write An Enterprise Resume

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The resume of the company is a kind of visiting card of the company, telling about the achievements and specifics of the company's activities. The resume should contain the name of the company, the essence of its work, the state of the market, development prospects, etc.

How to write an enterprise resume
How to write an enterprise resume

It is necessary

  • - information about the company;
  • - resume plan;
  • - paper А-4;
  • - a computer.


Step 1

Expand all aspects of the enterprise and arrange carefully. Place it on 4-5 pages. Use the resume of the company, as a manager, to attract potential buyers, additional investments for the implementation of a project, for promotions, etc.

Step 2

In any case, regardless of the purpose of the resume, it is not worth writing it at random. First, get from the head of the company comprehensive information about the activities of the company: its main directions, services and products offered, a brief history, geography of sales, market position, qualifications of specialists, awards and certificates, etc.

Step 3

Only after that you can start structuring and drawing up a resume of the company. You can design a resume in a regular Word program, using ready-made templates for preparing a resume or presentation.

Step 4

First, briefly describe the company, this will take two to three paragraphs. Here, mention the development of the company, its successes and achievements. Next, write about the state of the enterprise at the moment, give a general description of the market for these services, indicate the target audience of the project, distinctive features of the company, competitive environment, quantitative indicators of financial and production success.

Step 5

Do not forget to mention the head of the company and outstanding workers. When preparing a resume, do not regret beautiful words, but try to back them up with specific numbers and examples. Remember, the impression made is the key to the success of attracting customers and business partners.

Step 6

Devote the next page to the company's development prospects. As a rule, an enterprise's resume is prepared to attract investment for the implementation of a project. In this case, after talking about the company, write the financial component of the project: a general description and a short project plan.

Step 7

Below, describe for a potential investor the financial needs necessary for the implementation of your project and the calculation of the payback period. On the last page, place the bank details of the company, its addresses, websites, telephones.

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