What Scammers Can Do With Another Person's Passport Details

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What Scammers Can Do With Another Person's Passport Details
What Scammers Can Do With Another Person's Passport Details

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In everyday life, a person is by no means insured against loss or theft of his passport. But, unfortunately, unscrupulous people can take advantage of this. And at one point, the victim learns that he is the owner of a troubled company or the owner of a large loan.

What scammers can do with another person's passport details
What scammers can do with another person's passport details

How scammers use other people's passports

Having found or stolen a passport, a fraudster can paste a photo in it. As a result, a person can live for a long time under a false name and surname. It is possible that the fraudster will try to enter the home of the real owner of the passport.

A fraudster can apply for a loan using a fake passport. It is more difficult to do this now, but criminals often collude with dishonest bank employees.

Using someone else's passport or passport data, fraudsters can register an enterprise and carry out dubious transactions through it. In addition, the holder of the passport is appointed as the formal director of such a company. Then there is a threat of bringing a person to responsibility for illegal actions committed by fraudsters.

Even with only the passport details of a person, a criminal can cause him trouble. For example, a fraudster enters into a contract on behalf of another person and indicates his passport data in it. The counterparty, without checking the passport, signs all the papers. Further, having received money under this agreement, the fraudster soon disappears safely. As a result, the injured party begins to present its claims against the unsuspecting passport holder.

Using someone else's passport data, attackers can register ownership of any property, for example, a car. And if damage is caused by this car, the claims will also be addressed to the owner of the passport.

How to protect yourself from fraudsters

If a person has lost his passport or it has been stolen from him, he should, without delay, write a statement to the police. In parallel, you must immediately start issuing a new passport.

If possible, a person should not give the passport or its copies to unauthorized persons, even for several hours. If, nevertheless, this happened, then it is necessary to note for yourself when and to whom the passport or its data was given. In the event of an unpleasant situation, it will be easier to track the scammers.

If a person finds out that a company is registered in his name or he is its director, it is necessary to urgently contact the tax office at his place of residence, as well as the police. The fact is that the registration of an enterprise using someone else's passport data is a criminal offense.

In the case when fraudsters have issued a loan for a person, you need to get a copy of the loan agreement from the bank or collection company. After that, the victim must go to court with a claim to invalidate such an agreement. In the course of the consideration of the case, the question of the appointment of a handwriting examination should be brought before the court. This will reveal the fact of forgery of signatures on the loan agreement. The same should be done in the case of the conclusion of other agreements by criminals.

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