How To Write A Bonus Order

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How To Write A Bonus Order
How To Write A Bonus Order

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According to article 191 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, for special merits in work and (or) in connection with the anniversary of professional activity, or the anniversary of the enterprise, the manager can reward his employees. To draw up an order for bonuses, the personnel department or the head (chief accountant) must use the standard form T - 11 or T - 11 а.

How to write a bonus order
How to write a bonus order


Step 1

Decide on the type of bonus and the number of subordinates who will receive the bonus. The form of the order will depend on this. If we are talking about regular bonuses (monthly, quarterly, annual), instead of an order, a provision on bonuses should be created. If a one-time bonus is paid to employees, an order must be drawn up in the form approved by the decree of the State Statistics Committee of Russia dated 01/05/2004.

Step 2

Use form T - 11 to draw up a document on bonuses for one employee. On the official letterhead of the company with the requisites, write the Order on employee incentives: Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov (personnel number, if any) to award a welder in shop No. 1 in connection with the anniversary with a prize in in the amount of 1000 rubles (another option - in the amount of 50% of the salary).

Step 3

Take order form T-11 a for rewarding two or more employees for a sample. In it, a table is compiled into which the full names and positions of all awarded are entered. If the amount of the bonus is different for everyone, then in an additional cell in the table, the amounts or percentages of wages are entered in numbers and in words.

Step 4

Indicate the basis for the award. As a rule, this is a representation for the encouragement of an employee (employees), which is submitted in advance to the personnel department by the head of the department and where a brief description of the person who is presented for the award is written, his track record. Also, the basis may be a memorandum or a written request.

Step 5

At the bottom of the order should be the name and position of the head of the enterprise. There should also be a column "I have read the order", in which the awarded employee will need to sign. If several people are indicated in one order, then this column is inserted as an additional cell in the table.

Step 6

At the top of the printed order by hand, write down the document number and the date it was drawn up. Also, the signature of the head of the enterprise and its decoding (surname and initials) must be made with his own hand.

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